If you’ve looked at our previous sites, you know The National Theatre has seen plenty of stars walk its stage since the early days of 1835.  In this site, we’ll take a closer look at four of the most famous and influential women to have graced The National.  As you will see in Changing Roles, many women have distinguished themselves in the American theatre despite facing numerous societal restrictions, some of which are still being confronted today. The four women featured here all excelled on The National stage in part because they pursued unique and fruitful careers despite facing any number of setbacks.

Jenny Lind, then known as the Swedish Nightingale, was a celebrated singer who helped save The National from ruin when she performed a series of special concerts in 1850.  Decades later, French actress Sarah Bernhardt, one of the most celebrated performers in theatre history, was a frequent guest, lending The National some much-needed prestige.  While Bernhardt was at the height of her powers, Helen Hayes was still cutting her teeth on the way to becoming a National mainstay and a bona fide Washington, D.C. icon – an icon so big, the city’s annual theatre awards are named in her honor.  Pearl Bailey, meanwhile, was a successful singer and performer who headlined the all-Black revival of Hello, Dolly! and took advantage of her brief time at The National to rub shoulders with the most powerful person in the land. As usual, you will have the opportunity to peruse some of The National’s collection in the From the Archives sections, as well as test your sleuthing and analytical skills with the Consider This… prompts.

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